Introducing The Real Digital Hero

Welcome humble readers to the all new world of The Real Digital Hero! My name matters not, but my goal is a simple one: become The Real Digital Hero! I think therefore I am and all that nonsense.

What can you expect from The Real Digital Hero?

The long answer is a vast array of informative information designed to inform and educate on the holistic subject of digital marketing. From useless posts to equally worthless links to externally useless posts, The Real Digital Hero has something for everyone looking for nothing. I want to collaborate and consolidate the best of the useless into a compendium of aggregated syndication.

The short answer: not a lot! What could you possibly want that you don’t already have? Don’t be greedy.

Why choose The RDH?

In truth it’s probably best that you don’t because what I don’t know about digital marketing is all that’s worth knowing. But if you do choose to choose me as your choice; well chose! For I can offer a unique approach to a bespoke solution that will blow your mind.

I specialise in being a specialist in:

  • All things digital
  • Digital marketing
  • Online heroics

Everything you would expect from the one and only Real Digital Hero!

But wait… you’re not the only Hero!

Sadly not. Where one succeeds, others will follow. But The Real Digital Hero prides itself on being the market leader and first to the market by arriving before anyone else. In fact the market hadn’t even opened. They were still setting up fruit stands and everything but there I was.

I stand out from the masses through my bespoke custom individuality, providing the following valuable benefits:

  • 100% realism guaranteed every time, all the time
  • Dedicated, committed, honest, reliable customer service relationship management team
  • Fluent in several languages including English and Nonsense
  • A logo of primary colours for ferocious impact
  • Hidden talents available on request

In the words of one of the greatest word-smiths of our time, will The Real Digital Hero please stand up? [stands proud, but wobbles slightly on a broken toe]

How do I start?!

How do you start?! I don’t know how to stop! The unprecedented exponential results I deliver continue to minds all over the world and my second-rate waffle is second to none.

Please feel free to get in touch for more information, watch this space for more details, follow me on Twitter for more stuff and like my page on Google+ for never ending goodness.

And is if by magic, 420 words.